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    JSR-109 Compliance.

    Daniel Rubio Newbie


      I recently saw your email on th JBoss.Net section, and have a question regarding the JSR-109 spec.

      Basically the question is, does JBoss currently support it ? let me elaborate.....

      My specific interest is regarding the support of a Session Bean as a Web-Service,

      I noticed a few posts and the document on JBoss.Net outlines the following "a specialised |org.jboss.net.axis.server.EJBProvider| allows to interface/map Web Service invocations immediately to session beans.",etc.etc.they all seem proprietary mechanisms.

      I have worked out a WebSphere example for a particular Session Bean WebService, however it is pegged against the Spec (109) it includes the webservices.xml descriptor, plus the SEI class, WSDL descriptors,etc all as recommended by the spec.

      Does JBoss have this integrated into any current branch ? Is it posible to drop an EAR/EJB-JAR and have it deployed as a Web-Service like the spec indicates ?

      Thanks again,
      Daniel Rubio

      P.S. If there is ongoing work on this, I would be interested in helping out, please refer me to the appropriate person.

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          Well I' m not sure that it is compliant with JSR-109, as I havent seen that in any postings lately.
          But I have deployed Stateless seesion bean as an end point by integrating Apache-Axis 1.1 in Jboss-3.2.1 and it works fine.
          I didn't use the Jboss-net.sar which is a wrapper to Apache Axis(Not sure which version of AXIS), But it workes absolutely fine, I am somewhat sure that Jboss 3.2.1. doesn't support JSR-109. yet

          But if you are interested in using APache Axis for publishing yr web service, which usess WSDD to deploy web service in AXIS and then can be accesed by using WSDL.

          Check these links below.
          Two links :
          http://www.jboss.org/modules/bb/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t= hope this helps.