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    .NET Interoperability

    mike80439 Newbie

      Will JBoss interoperate with a .NET client?

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          I'm not sure what you are using for yr web services.
          If you are using Jboss-net.sar which is wrapper to Apache-AXIS then I dont see why can't you use .NET client.
          The reason I say that beacuse, I haven't used jboss-net.sar because of its portability issues . But I have used Apache -AXIS1.1 very heavily integrating it in Jboss-3.2.1 and invoked web services useing asp.Net client, VB.net Client, Perl client (using SOAP::Lite) and of course java clients.

          Conclusion if you use APACHE-AXIS with Jboss, then no issues with .NET and On that I would say if you use jboss-nat.sar shouldn't be an issue.

          Soon I will be publishing a chapter on this in addition to the already available chapters.