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    Sun JAX-RPC on Jboss

    gsarno Newbie

      Is it possible to use Sun's JAX-RPC libraries to deploy web service on JBoss ??

      Does anyone know How ?


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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          Well you can use Apache-AXIS and deploy yr webservice on that.
          Apache -Axis is compliant with SUN's JAX-RPC.
          So once developed with Apache Axis you can do the same with SUN JAX-RPC.
          Even though I havent tried specifically on SUN's JAX-RPC, I have used only Apache-AXIS.
          Also Jboss.NET is a wrapper to Apache-AXIs as well.

          I hope this info helps.
          Have a look at this.



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            gsarno Newbie

            when you say compliant ,
            you mean that the code can be compiled with
            the sun jax-rpc jar as well ?

            I mean you can compile your code using
            both libraries with no code changes ?


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              Vishal Sharma Expert

              If i understand it right yes you can use JAX-RPC APIs for moving yr code from Apache-AXIS without changing the code. (Others can correct me If i'm wrong here)

              JAX-RPC support
              first open source JAX-RPC implementation.
              only free alternative to Sun s JAX-RPC reference implementation.

              I hope this info helps.


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                Vishal Sharma Expert

                Just to correct my previous post with more explanation on this :
                JAX-RPC is not (yet) fully portable, but Axis is. Axis is written as a J2EE 1.2 compliant web application, and can be installed on any J2EE compliant servlet (Tomcat 3.2+, Websphere 4+, Weblogic 6+). Therefore, although your web service itself may not be portable between different SOAP servers, your web service engine (Axis) will be.

                Furthermore, eventually most (if not all) Java SOAP servers will comply with the JAX-RPC standard, and you will have the option of moving away from Axis and into other environments.