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    NoClassDefFound on repos.jar

    piusjin Newbie

      I'm running JBoss3.2.2RC4 with Axis installed in classic way rather than using JBoss .NET. (Creating axis.war and copying WEB-INF contents into it) My web service needs to connect to Oracle IFS to upload some documents. So I included repos.jar in axis.war\WEB-INF\lib folder. But it keep giving me this NoClassDefFound error for oracle.ifs.server.S_LibraryService. But the weird thing is that when I test other class files located in repos.jar such as oracle.ifs.server.S_LibraryServiceEventExchanger using happyaxis.jar, it can find the class file. But it cannot find only S_LibraryService class file. I even checked the contents of repos.jar, and S_ServiceLibrary file is in there. Does anyone know what might be causing this error?

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          adamensor Newbie

          Hi I can't help I'm afraid but am having a similar problem. 3.2.2 says that it has deployed the jar and added to the classpath. However I then get a class not found error on one of the classes.

          Can anybody suggest what might be causing problem, I know Jboss had a lot of different class loaders is that issue?


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            Jon Barnett Master

            JBoss 3.2.2 seems to be slightly sensitive to WAR classloading. This may have to do with work performed to address other classloading issues. The only clear-cut solution I have found is to place the JAR in JBOSS_HOME/server/default/lib or whatever is appropriate for your run-time instance of JBoss (all, default, minimal).

            You might also consider jboss-web.xml with a <class-loading java2ClassLoadingCompliance='false'/> element to force classloading to operate up the hierarchy instead of down it. i.e. Start within the WAR scope and then move upward. YMMV.