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      I have generated Test client using WSDL2Java utility provided by apache. I have the MyWSDL2Java.class file in c:\WSDL2Java folder. The MyWSDL2Java.class file generated 4 java files at the location c:\WSDL2Java\localhost\jboss_net\services\testHelloWorld\.

      All the 4 java files have the package defination as follows :

      package localhost.jboss_net.services.testHelloWorld;

      I have generated the class files for all the .java files in the c:\WSDL2Java\localhost\jboss_net\services\testHelloWorld\ directory.

      Now I am trying to execute the class files with the following command,

      c:\WSDL2Java>java -classpath ".;c:\WSDL2Java" c:\WSDL2Java\localhost\jboss_net\services\testHelloWorld\TestHelloWorld

      where TestHelloWorld is my client class. I am getting the error.

      Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: C:\dev\eCom\WSDL2Java\localhost\jboss_net\services\testHelloWorld\TestHelloWorld