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    Problem with jacorb.jar

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      "lcarreon" wrote:
      "lcarreon" wrote:
      Hi Everyone,

      I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask this question, however we are experiencing the problem I'm going to discuss below whenever we execute our webservice client.

      Here goes.

      We have developed several webservices using JBoss 3.2.1 and these webservices talk to CORBA servers. We have successfully tested our webservices on Solaris 8 and HP/UX 11 using JDK 1.3.1 on a domain which is a copy of the 'all' domain.

      The problem we are having is on AIX 5.1 also using JDK 1.3.1. On this platform when the webservice attempts to connect to the naming service to locate the CORBA servers, we are getting the exception org.omg.CORBA.INITIALIZE: can't instantiate default ORB implementation org.jacorb.orb.ORBSingleton when org.omg.CosNaming.NamingContextHelper.narrow() is called. Just a reminder that this was not a problem in the other 2 platforms where we have had success.

      What we have discovered is that on AIX the cause of the problem is that JBoss does not seem to know where the jacorb.jar file is located and adding its location to the CLASSPATH in run.sh fixes the problem. As far as we are concerned, this is only a temporary fix because our position is we should not need to modify the contents of the run.sh script.

      Does any have a proper fix to the problem described above?

      Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance,