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    Document Style web service

    arati_sharma Newbie

      I'm a newbie. I'm trying to expose a session bean method as web service. It was very simple following the instructions in the getting started document. I'm using wsdd (web-service.xml) to deploy the service.

      Now, I'm trying to expand the functionality further to represent the request as xml document.

      Here is the scenario:
      Method exposed:
      public String processRequest(String clientRequest)
      I would like to represent the clientRequest as xml document (represented by a schema, request.xsd)

      How do I reference or import the '.xsd' file in web-service.xml?
      I would like to describe the content of clientRequest as xml.
      Is this possible or am I missing something?
      Does axis support this or should I create the wsdl manually?

      TIA for any suggestions.

      - Arati S.