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    Jboss.net and stateful

    Stefano Maestri Expert

      I'm designing our next webservices access to our system.
      I'd like to use ws based on ejb, and in particular on a stateful session bean
      to don't exchange too many infos at each bean call. I know I have to decleare
      in JBoss.Net Web Service Descriptor :

      or use the equivalent Xdoclet tag.
      I have some question about stateful bean exposed as ws:
      1) does client need to create the bean? How (have I to expose create() as ws
      call or what else)?
      2) Are there some concurrent control in Jboss.net or have the client (if it is
      muti thread) to synchronize ws call because it invoke a Stateful bean that
      couldn't be invoked in concurrent form?
      3) How session are tracked/recognized (by calling IP or what else)?

      Thanks a lot
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      bye Stefano
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