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    jboss.net and Custom Object

    Charles Arcudi Newbie

      Used the informative site http://www.nsdev.org/jboss/stories/jboss-net.html to build and deploy EJB-based web services on my jboss server. However, when I try to incorporate his process for working with Java Objects as return types or parameters, all bets are off.

      I have been able to generate methods that return Strings and Arrays of Map objects and run test clients against those web services successfully (though there is a fairly elaborate set of gotchas to getting this to work), but I cannot get jboss.net to recognize a custom object (the User object from the example).

      I realize it is a question of scoping, but even for testing purposes, I have not been able to place the class in any of the usual places (jboss-net.sar/jboss-net.war/WEB-INF, server/lib, even JBOSS_DIST/lib) to force jboss-net to recognize it. Frankly, I would prefer to scope it as finitely as possible.

      Any suggestions?