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    Java Client -> JBoss / AXIS -> Stateful EJB ?

    Kla Ser Newbie

      I have a Java Client that is trying to access a stateful Session Bean through AXIS. As it is not a web client, how can the state be maintained?

      Is it possible?

      Does anybody have an example of a Java client doing so? (Not RMI/ SOAP only)

      Thanks in advance.

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          Jason Essington Newbie

          If you are using JBoss.Net you can add the scope attribute to the @jboss-net.web-service tag something like

          * @jboss-net.web-service
          * urn="MyStatefullService"
          * scope="Session"
          * expose-all="true"

          Then you just have to maintain the session cookie that axis returns.

          If you are just using Axis without the JBoss.Net portion, perhaps adding a scope parameter to your service in the deployment descriptor will help you out

           <service name="MyStatefullService" provider="Handler">
           <parameter name="scope" value="Session"/>
           . . .
           <requestFlow name="MyStatefullServiceRequest">
           . . .
           <responseFlow name="MyStatefullServiceResponse">
           . . .

          You still have to maintain (return) the cookie on the client side.