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    Axis in jboss-net:

    Alexei Yudichev Newbie

      I am using Axis 1.1 (MANIFEST.MF says Implementation-Version: 1.1 1021 June 13 2003) bundled with JBoss 3.2.2 and 3.2.3 as jboss-net service for exposing my steteless EJB's methods via SOAP. When jboss starts, the service(s) work perfectly. However after some time client starts getting "No SOAPAction header!" fault. After JBoss restart, everything works again for a while. This error is like "triggered" on and all subsequent calls are getting this fault. The actual "SOAPAction" header IS present in request and states my bean's name (I have captured the request on wire using ethereal).
      On the net I've found some people experiencing "No SOAPAction header!" problems under heavy load but I could not find any solutions. I'd be happy if someone points me to the right direction.