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    problem exposing stateless session ejb as web service

    tperrigo Newbie

      I'm running into a couple of problems trying to make a web service out of a stateless session ejb (jboss 4.0DR3). I'm following the example in chapter 12 of the Admin and Development book, using jboss.net and XDoclet. As a "normal" ejb, I'm able to succesfully deploy the bean in an ear, but as soon as I add the appropriate tags to mark the bean as a web service (@jboss-net:web-service at the class level, and @jboss-net:web-method for the methods I want to expose), the bean fails to deploy-- other ejbs in the ear deploy succesfully, but the web service bean is just ignored (no errors, it just doesn't deploy). If I strip away the jboss-net tags and comment out the call to the jbossnet task in my ant build file, it successfully deploys.

      There are other problems as well. My web methods take complex types as parameters, but nothing about these types (or the methods which take them) appear in the webservice.xml file.

      Has anyone successfully used jboss.net to expose a stateless session bean (deployed in an ear file) as a web service using jboss 4.0DR3? Have you been able to use complex types as arguments?

      Any help would be _much_ appreciated!