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    Workaround for 'Was unable to move war to' when deploying JB

    friv9821 Newbie

      I ran into the " Was unable to move war to " problem, after deploying jboss.net from the all server (into default).

      It only seems to happen om windows machines since I have had no problems deploying jboss.net on Linux. Actually jboss.net works fine. It's web-console that cant be deployed, and then some of my own apps.

      Here's how I solved it...

      Make a copy of 'default' server directory (with jboss.net deployed), delete 'default' directory and rename the copied directory to default. (Last steps not necessary, but maybe its nice to have a default server)

      Now it works!!!

      It'ss a very strange problem since I´m using administrators right and FAT32. My default server copy should be identical to the original, but somehow it works.

      Now I leave it to others to solve the real problem.