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    Help :: Couldnot generate SOAP request !

    kkanagaraj Newbie

      Iam using Jboss 3.2.3.
      Iam stuck while testing a sample application provided in Axis user guide example5.
      Iam using XML Spy enterprise edition for building wsdl and sending SOAP requests.

      I have deployed the service and requested for wsdl file, it works fine.
      I just want to test the service by sending SOAP request generated by XML Spy.

      I tried sending soap requests for other webservices in internet, it works fine without any problem.
      But, when I try to send the soap request to my service in jboss, I repeatedly get this error mesg:

      "HTTP error: could not POST file '/jboss-net/services/OrderProcessor' on server '*.*.*.* (ipaddress)'(500)".

      I am confused, I dont know why this request is not accepted on my server, do i need to do any config
      changes ?

      can you please help me on this......