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    Questions about Scrollable Grid

    Daniel Knapp Newbie

      I was just playing around with the new Scrollable Grid and I have a few questions / thoughts about it:

      1. Are there any reasons why grid header elements are not rendered as |thead|...|th||/th|...|/thead| tags ? In my opinion this would ease custom styling (without using skins etc) quite a lot.

      2. A table with width=100% expands the complete table in fact to a width with 100%. But columns stay at default width (if width attribute not set), the last column is a spacer or filler column which fills the rest of the table. In my opinion it would be a lot better if columns were expanded to full table width without a filler.

      3. (which is related to 2.): Shouldn't it be possible to declare sg:column width not only as 'px' but also as '%' ? Right at the moment doing so leads to an exception within ScrollableGridBaseRenderer, where width is explicitely supposed to be declared using 'px' (I know it may be hard to realize as this seems to be related to resizing feature of columns).

      4. Compared to openrico's (openrico.org) datagrid scrolling by arrows performs a lot worse. It seems that while scrolling they already prefetch some rows (I might be totally wrong about this and this could also be sth else but might be worth lookin at )