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    Complex Type Serialization Problem

    Reiner Kappenberger Newbie


      I'm tryting to get several EJB methods exposed as Web Services. The problem I'm facing is that the methods are taking multiple complex types as arguments and returns again a complex type.

      I'm using JBoss 3.2.3 & JBossIDE 1.2.3 (with the XDoclet plugin for JBoss.NET - which should really be part of JBossIDE - also no build support for JBoss.NET).

      The BeanSerializer/Deserializer aren't suitable for the task, since there are some special mappings required in those Complex Type(s).

      Here's a list of questions:

      - Which XDoclet tags need to be used to get the deploy file right?
      - Can the mappings be defined in the Java complex type files? If so which tags?
      - Merge files - how are they named?

      I've been searching the Web for days and could not find anything. I've tried with AXIS itself (and the axisdeploy ant task), the JBoss.NET integration is far superior for development/deployment (non interactive).

      Also if somebody could point me to a working custom Serializer/Deserializer implementation somewhere I would appreciate that very much.

      Overall the JBoss.NET project is fantastic, it just needs some more documentation on how to use it.