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    C# Client - Session problem

    Kla Ser Newbie


      I have a little problem in my C# Client application.
      At first the server side description:
      - jBoss 3.2.3
      - webservice as stateful session bean with two functions login, getList

      Client application calls at first login function and if it was successful than it can calling getList - function.

      The problem: by calling of login function the new bean is created for this new session (it's ok); by calling of getList function the created bean will be not used and one new will be created.
      I used the same instance of service object and change no settings before calling the getList function.

      I programmed an java application with the same client logic like in c# and it's working (I used axis - engine for it). The server can perfectly differentiate between different clients and sessions.

      What kind of session handlers is configured default in jboss.net?

      best regards

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          Frank Heldt Newbie

          1. Does your webservice.xml contain
          (or @jboss-net.web-service scope="Session" if using xdoclet)

          2. I suppose in your java-axis-client you have written

          In .NET (here C#) you need the equivalent:
          webservice.CookieContainer = new CookieContainer();

          Hope this helps