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    Web Services over JMS?

    Pedro Salazar Newbie


      I'm looking for a reliable web service implementation. AFAIK, AXIS (the actual implementation of JBOSS) can use SOAP over JMS instead HTTP. Besides that I'm not aware how to do it or proceed. My basic skills allow me only building a standard web service (WSDL) over HTTP. Now I'm looking for way to test over JMS in JBOSS.

      Any help would be very appreciated.

      Pedro Salazar.

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          ah123 Newbie

          The main similarity between JMS and webservice that I see, is that both can be implemented as asynchronous calls. The advantage of webservices it that you can easily inteoperate between different vendors. However, if that's not in your case I'd vote for JMS because it performs faster.

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            Edison Martins Newbie

            Hi portuguese friend.

            I'm from Aveiro, and could you help on this:

            Is it really possible to use JMS instead of HTTP with Web Services? And if so I'm restricted to open-source technologies, so I'm developing with JBoss and AXIS, can it still be done?
            The cenario I'm trying to implement is a complete communication using JMS as the tranport layer between the client and the web service and also between the web service and the server.
            By the way, if anyone knows any good tutorials or examples for this cenario feel free to post the links in this question. I would appreciate it very much!!!


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              elizabeth roush Newbie

              See the posting in "Is it possible to use JMS instead of HTTP with Web Services?" The Axis download has a sample.