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    EJB as webservice - client authentication

    Dan Hersh Newbie

      We use jboss-3.2.1_tomcat-4.1.24. Some clients are PB9 apps calling our EJB's directly. Now we want to expose EJB's as webservices.

      - JBoss.Net - do we need to use JBoss.Net (recommended?)? We installed Axis1.1 and created ws, but JAAS authentication fails w/ principal=null...

      - JAAS - how is WS client side preauthentication done?
      Any info/links appreciated. Thank you.

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          elizabeth roush Newbie

          Any possibility of moving to a more recent level of JBOSS (3.2.6 perhaps). It supports a newer level of Tomcat (5 I beleive) as well as using Axis 1.1 (JBoss.NET). I am not sure what 3.2.1 used. You might have better luck with suggestions in the forum using the newer levels. I have seen atleast one posted in this forum having to do with authentication.