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    EJBs won't deploy when jboss-net included in JBoss 3.2.5 con

    talios Newbie

      I've just tried upgrading my JBoss installation to 3.2.5 ( from 3.2.1 ) and found that suddenly my EJBs for one application were no longer deploying, after some investigation it would seem the culprit is JBoss-NET.

      In the past I've simply symlink'd the jboss-net.sar directory from the "all" profile into the "default" profile and had things run as normal, but not so under 3.2.5.

      In fact, my EJBs won't deploy when running under the -all- profile either.

      After some investigation and hunting with another dev here we're found that if we simply copy the jar files from the jboss-net.sar directory into the default/deploy directory ( or a subdir such as default/deploy/axis ) then everything works fine and the EJBs are deployed.

      Has something changed in the operation of JBoss from 3.2.1 to 3.2.5 that would be causing this behaviour? Maybe something in class loaders?