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    Webservice runtime configuration

    Ralph Hendriks Newbie

      Hello everybody,

      First of all, I must admit I am a complete beginner to JBoss. I am not quite sure if I should post this question here or in the 'Beginners corner' forum.

      I developed a simple webservice with Axis and Tomcat. It maps to an ordinary Java-class, no EJB. Now I want to deploy the webservice under JBoss as a WSR package.
      There are a few runtime parameters needed for the configuration of this service. Under Tomcat I successfully used both the ServletContext with an initialization servlet and a properties file. In the JBoss deployment I want these parameters (basically it is the name of a directory where some XML files are dumped) to be configured as well. I tried hard to find the 'standard' way of solving this problem, but I could not find any clue. Can somebody give me some hints how I have to provide functionality for runtime configuration for my webservice?