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    Error Adminclient

    Matt Anderson Newbie

      I am trying to deploy my session bean as a webservice using jboss 3.2.5
      My wsdd file looks like this...

      <deployment xmlns="http://xml.apache.org/axis/wsdd/"xmlns:java="http://xml.apache.org/axis/wsdd/providers/java"> <service name="RemoteOppService" provider="java:EJB"> <parameter name="beanJndiName" value="OppMgmt"/> <parameter name="homeInterfaceName" value="com.oppmanager.ejb.interfaces.OppMgmtHome"/> <parameter name="remoteInterfaceName" value="com.oppmanager.ejb.interfaces.OppMgmt"/> <parameter name="allowedMethods" value="listOpp"/> <parameter name="jndiURL" value="jnp://localhost:1099"/> <parameter name="jndiContextClass" value="org.jnp.interfaces.NamingContextFactory"/> </service></deployment>

      When I run following command
      java org.apache.axis.client.AdminClient -p 8005 deploy.wsdd

      it gives errors saying Connection refused.

      My ejb is properly deployed. Can some one throw light here..What am i missing..how can i make sure the correct port no, uid and pwd??


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          Lance Nehring Newbie

          Do you have a special need to access the AdminClient directly?
          I generally put the WSDD in a "web-service.xml" file an build a WSR with that. The WSR is laid out like:


          The WSR is referenced in the "application.xml" file in the META-INF directory of the enclosing EAR. When the EAR is deployed by JBoss, the WSR is then deployed and I've no need to access the AXIS AdminClient myself.

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            Matt Anderson Newbie

            Thanks for the reply. I can try this. Is building wsr file similar to jar file??Also, can you tell me what needs to be included into application.xml?

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              Lance Nehring Newbie

              Yes, building a WSR (Web Service Archive) is exactly like building a JAR. Mine generally contain only the "META-INF/web-service.xml" file. I don't put anything special in the MANIFEST.MF, I just let the jar command build one.

              The EAR should reference the WSR in it's "META-INF/application.xml" file.
              An example is:

              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
               <display-name>My WebService</display-name>

              This should be all you need. When JBoss deploys the EAR, it will deploy your defined EJBs and also the WSR - which will use the web-service.xml to configure the jboss-net adaptation of Axis.

              Note that I do have problems with hot-deployment if the signature of the web services changes......in that case I take the lazy way out and restart JBoss. I also had this trouble with Axis on a standalone Tomcat 5 installation. As I recall in that case, I had to use the Axis adminclient to undeploy my service and then redeploy......that was about a year ago, so I might not be remembering correctly.

              If you want, I can put together a more complete example of this. I'm thinking of doing that anyway, including the use of xdoclet with ant to use as a working example for reference at our company.