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    Jboss.net+Xdoclet questions

    Giorgi Javrishvili Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I am using IBM WSAD 5.1 and Xdoclet 1.3
      I want to create my first WebService(Because there is no other way to integrate EJB with PHP - that's a final purpose).
      Problems I'm facing are following:
      1. @jboss-net.web-service urn = "SimpleWebService" - in reality is @jbossnet:web-service and there is no "urn" to set. So as a found out it seems that is a bug. How do you cope with that?
      2. xdoclet-build.xml: the famous subtask

      I can't find any "jbossnet" in the list of task entries in XDoclet configuration of my project.
      So, I tried to write it manualy(I'm sure that's wrong) and it didn't work.

      Any suggestions?

      Thank you[list=]