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    jbossnet subtask and xdoclet generated value objects


      We are trying to deploy some SLSBs as JBoss.NET style webservices - we are not yet ready to switch to JBoss 4.0.0 and J2EE style webservices. Our whole toolchain is xdoclet centric and thus our value objects are generated by xdoclet as well. Moreover, I would be glad if I could use JBoss.NET's xdoclet support which would make for a seamless integration into our build environment.
      Most of the SLSBs' methods to expose either take a vo as parameter or return one. Since these are xdoclet generated I cannot possibly add the @jboss-net.xml-schema tag and thus the correct typemapping elements in web-service.xml won't be generated. Is there an elegant solution to this problem or do I have to create those typemappings manually? If so, does the jbossnet subtask support merge points so that I could merge my manually generated typemappings into the generated web-service.xml?