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    Migrate from WL to JBoss .net

    James Richardson Newbie

      I'm trying to migrate and EJB previously deployed as a web service in WL6.1.

      I've looked at the JBoss WS, and it seems that its not ready for prime time yet. There's far too much manual generation of wsdl files etc.

      So I revert to JBoss.NET which I have in fact had working in an older version of JBoss.

      I deployed my EJB in WL using Axis, rather than the WL specific mechanisms, so I expected that it would be simple.

      I want to deploy my EJB under my web service, rather than under the jboss-net service.

      Rather than post all the config files I have tried, is there a simple way to do this. I have looked around a lot!

      By simple I mean, surely it should be possible to do this just by using an EJBProvider from somewhere, and map some servlets in the web.xml file.