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    rich:tree & multi-select?

    Jason Young Newbie

      Is there any plan to add component-level support for multi-selection of nodes in a tree?

      Has anyone figured out a good way to accomplish this without component-level support?

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          Viggo Navarsete Expert

          By "multi-selection of nodes in a tree", do you mean checkboxes next to each node in the tree?

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            Jason Young Newbie

            Thanks for the response...

            What I mean is true support for multi selections.

            People are used to being able to do CTRL-click or SHIFT-click a bunch of tree nodes at once, as you can do with Swing or as you see in Windows Explorer. Basically the tree component itself would have built-in support for having multiple nodes selected, not just the last one that was clicked.

            I am currently following the other discussion regarding checkboxes in the tree, as that appears to be an alternate solution. It's not ideal, especially if you want to select a large set of treenodes.