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    Axis web services for MBeans

    Nor Thex Newbie

      I am creating a web service from an existing MBean that I run under
      JBoss 4.0. When JBoss starts up, it instantiates an instance of the
      MBean. Following is the Axis configuration of my service:

      service name="Weather" provider="java:RPC"/
      parameter name="allowedMethods" value="*" /
      parameter name="scope" value="application" /
      parameter name="handlerClass"/
      value="org.jboss.net.jmx.server.MBeanProvider" /
      parameter name="className" value="Weather" /

      (I had to change the XML tags for this post)

      I have the scope set to "Application" as I want only one instance of
      my class created on server side -- I maintain some state and a JDBC
      connection pool in my class. My problem is JBoss instantiates an
      instance of my class when it starts up and then Axis creates another
      instance when it sees the first request for my service.

      I want to have just one instance -- how can I get JBoss and Axis to
      cooperate so that they share only one instance of my class.


      Jim Banks