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    Can we render Tabs Of PanelTab at bottom

    Mitesh Panchal Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have one specific requirement. I want to show all the tabs at bottom of the TabPanel.
      How can i do it?

      Another issue with TabPanel is selectedTab attibute is not working in RichFaces 3.0.1 june release. Alternative i found is that i have to bind rich:panelTab comonent with HtmlTabPanel and then i have to use setValue/getValue to change tab dynamically. But problem in this approch is .....
      Assume I have a PanelTab and in which i have 5 Tabs. each tab has "Next" and "Previous" CommandButton.
      Now when i click on Next Button in some of the case it shows same Tab. In the bean HtmlPanelTab object has new tab value.
      And if I click again on that same button then directly i jumped next to next tab.
      This behavious is not specific in some of the cases it works but in some of the cases its not working. behaviour is uncertain....

      How can i resolve this issue??

      Thanks in advance.........