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    JBoss.NET vs. JBossWS

    Thomas Diesler Master


      Is the J2EE-1.4 compatible web service implemenation in JBoss. It is installed in the all and default configuration.
      This implementaion will be developed further and replaced JBoss.NET

      Why use JBossWS

      * develop/deploy portable standard web services
      * access the SOAP message from handlers and endpoints via SAAJ
      * transactional handlers


      Is an early jboss web service project developed by Dr. Christoph Jung. By default it is not installed
      in a jboss configuration. JBoss.NET has entered maintenance and will not be developed further.

      Why use JBoss.NET

      * use your existing non j2ee webservices in jboss
      * web service access to SFSB and JMX
      * mail transport
      * axis style wsr deployments
      * deployment using xdoclet

      HOWTO switch between JBossWS/JBoss.NET

      Before you can use JBoss.NET you need to remove JBossWS and install JBoss.NET manually.
      Here is what you need to do

       <!-- delete jboss-ws4ee implementation -->
       <delete dir="${jboss.home}/server/${server}/deploy/jboss-ws4ee.sar/" />
       <delete file="${jboss.home}/client/jboss-ws4ee-client.jar" />
       <!-- install jboss-net implementation -->
       <copy todir="${jboss.home}/client" file="${build.lib}/jboss-net-client.jar" overwrite="true" />
       <copy todir="${jboss.home}/server/${server}/deploy/jboss-net.sar" overwrite="true">
       <fileset dir="${build.lib}/jboss-net.sar" />

      If you work from the source, there are 'deploy' targets in the jboss.net/webservice module respectively

      What Axis version is used

      Both implementations use a modified version of the axis-1.1 release that temporarily lives in module jaxrpc
      for transparency and debugging reasons.

      Q: Why do you use an out of date axis release?
      A: At the time J2EE certification was due, using Axis-1.2beta was technically no option

      Q: What will become of the axis fork?
      A: Nothing, we do not plan to develop it further. Instead we prefer to focus on an idependent SOAP implementation
      that integrates better with the overall JBoss architecture (SOAP as invocation path) and is more geared towards
      the specific J2EE requirements, which Axis is not.