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    NullPointerException trying to call webservice

    Herbert Ramos Newbie


      I keep getting a NullPointeException when instantiating a new Service class instance from a jsp page. The firt entry in the exception trace has the error coming from the RepositoryClassLoader.findResources(....) line.

      I am new to JBoss/JSP development. I think Jboss can't find the library which has the Service class.

      Here's is a snippet of my jsp page:
      <%@ page import="org.apache.axis.client.Call"%>
      <%@ page import="org.apache.axis.client.Service"%>

      try {
      Service lService = new Service(); <----EXCEPTION IS THROWN HERE

      Note: This is just a snippet of my jsp page.

      Q1) When I use page imports is my jsp, where does JBoss look for the jar files?

      Q2) Any ideas as to why this does not work?

      I greatly appreciate it.