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    Missing webservice response from Jboss1.4.0.1

    alphanet Newbie

      I have deployed a webservice which is to be used by a .NET C# client to send data to the Jboss server for import to a database (using SOAP). This service has been successful previously, but now the client hangs due to missing webservice response. Looking at the databaseside, everything seems ok, there is no locking issues.
      I have used Ethereal to peek into the HTTP-packets, and I notice that when the failure occurs, there is no HTTP/1.1 200 OK response going back to the client from the server. I believe this is why the .NET client hangs. However, there is no error indication on the serverside, and small data amounts are successfully imported.

      I have tried extending the session-timeout parameter in web.xml as well as the connectiontimeout in server.xml, but without success.

      Does anyone have any idea what may be wrong?