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    exposing EJB as webservices endpoint using XDoclet

    Marco Novice

      hi all,
      i am trying to expose an EJB via webserviecs using XDoclet....
      i have checked plenty of docs on the wbe on how to do that... and basically i end up with 2 different way of doing that:
      - one where , using xdoclet, we generate proper ejb-jar.xml,then wsdl file, mapping.xml and webservices.xml
      - another where xdoclet is not used at all, but it uses jbossws annotations..

      i am tyring to move my EJBs/webservices from WAS to JBoss, could anyone tell me which of the two approaches shall i follow? i am finding more docs on the first option, but there are not much examples left out
      could anyone help me out?

      does jboss 4.0.2 still supports this way of deployment? and what about later versions of jboss?

      thanks in advance and regards