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    Problem using JBoss.net and JBossWS

    Gisnalbert Spinola Newbie


      I have a problem in my hands that i dont know how to solve:
      my application has webservices using JBoss.net, working in JBoss 3.2.7; but, inside this webservice, at some point, is made use of another webservice, using a classes that are in a jar (that i dont have the sources), and that jar uses a newer version o axis (from the package org.jboss.axis.*).

      In my machine, using JUnit for testing only the webservice, all works well, but when i put this project in the JBoss and try to consume the webservice, there are many errors, because of classloader.

      I have tried putting the jars that my jar uses in the JBOSS_HOME\server\all\lib (those are jbossall-client.jar, axis-ws4ee.jar and jboss-ws4ee.jar) but then, the server dont even start, giving me an error in the file JBOSS_HOME/server/all/conf/login-config.xml.

      Someone has some light as how to solve my problem?

      Thanks to everyone!