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    Non-JDBC JCA Connector

    Blair Jennings Newbie

      I have a JCA connector which deploys fine in JBoss 2.4.4; but when I try to migrate to JBoss 3.0RC3 it doesn't deploy right. I think the problem is in my syntax for using the MinervaXACMFactory; has anyone got a good working example (non JDBC) which I could use.

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          David Jencks Master

          The configuration has completely changed. Look at the firebird-service.xml in docs/examples/jca: although the ConnectionFactory is a DataSource, it is a jca adapter, not a wrapper.

          You'll need to set the OldRarDeployment object name reference to the ObjectName of the RARDeployment mbean created when you deploy the .rar. Hopefully the rest is sufficiently self explanatory.

          If you need security that is not based on the PasswordCredential let me know.

          Put both the .rar and the myjca-service.xml file in server/deploy.

          Ask if you have more questions.

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            Blair Jennings Newbie

            Thanks for the help. I've got JBoss 3.0RC3 and my connector talking just when I start to access the connector it works for a couple of calls then throws a
            javax.transaction.xa.XAException. I think it is because I don't have the principal mapping right. How do I define a ManyToOnePrincipalMapping right?