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    MySQLDS not bound in JNDI context.

    Daniel Hinojosa Master

      I have a datasource called abqjugDS. For the Albuquerque Java Users Group (booyeah!)

      When I browse the JNDI tree (using Studio4); java:/abqjugDS does not appear as to be bound. The funny thing is that I don't see java:/hsqldbDS in the JNDI tree either. I know that the hssqldbDS works though and I believe that abqjugDS works too since I deployed an entity against it.

      Question: Shouldn't it be required that the datasources get displayed in the JNDI context?

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          David Jencks Master

          I don't know what studio 4 is. The java: context is visible only inside the jboss vm. If you want to see what is in jboss' jndi I recommend using the jndiview mbean. MBeans are not automatically related in any way to jndi, so unless you have specified something to be bound under java:/hsqldbDS you won't see it in jndiview either. The default hsqldb datasource is bound under java:/DefaultDS.