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    Message Inflow Support

    Bill Burcham Newbie

      Does JBoss support message inflow (see the last bullet on page 19 of the draft JCA 1.5 specification here ftp://ftp.java.sun.com/pub/spec/j2ee_connector/1_5-pfd/j2ee_connector-1_5-pfd-spec.pdf )? Message inflow is explained in depth in chapter 12 of that draft. I don't think this was part of 1.0, and I think it was initially slated for 2.0. From chapter 12:

      "This chapter specifies a standard, generic contract between an application server and a resource
      adapter that allows a resource adapter to asynchronously deliver messages to message
      endpoints residing in the application server independent of the specific messaging style, messaging
      semantics and messaging infrastructure used to deliver messages.(...)"

      If JBoss doesn't support this in a spec-compliant way -- is there a) an alternative, tested, but non-standard way or b) would it be a small matter to hack in support for this feature.

      Bill Burcham