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    Creating datasources in separate VMs

    Damon Newbie

      Does anyone have any examples of using datasources in a VM outside of JBoss (3.0.0)? In JBoss 2.4.x, there was a JDBCPoolDataSource class that could be constructed by giving it a set of JDBC properties. This class no longer exists in JBoss3 and it seems that only way to get a DataSource is to pull it out of JNDI after a connection manager has dropped one in, but since DataSources aren't remotable, there's no way to get at it from an external VM.

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          David Jencks Master

          You are correct, there is no way supported by jboss to supply a DataSource implementation backed by pooling in a non-jboss vm. Is there some reason we should be supporting this? If you really want it, you could implement a default ConnectionManager that did some pooling for the Local jdbc wrapper, and write a few lines to create a ManagedConnectionFactory and ConnectionFactory (DataSource, here) using the default ConnectionManager. You can recycle the InternalManagedConnectionPool code for the pooling. I did this for the firebird jca-jdbc driver (in the FBWrappingDataSource).