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    JBoss and JCA 1.5

    Norman Gyhra Newbie

      Hi !

      what are the current plans / schedules for supporting
      JCA 1.5 ?

      Are there perhaps any parts of the current proposed final
      draft already supported in JBoss ?

      Thanks for any help!


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          David Jencks Master

          I have the server side stuff implemented except for deployment So far I have kind of minimal testing, but I'm hoping to get another test or two written and commit it today or tomorrow.

          Deployment will basically consist of some xsl to convert all the objects into mbeans which can be deployed by the normal mbean deployment mechanism.

          I don't have any examples of actual jca 1.5 adapters. Do you? What do you want to use it for? Do you want to help? In particular someone needs to modify the jmsra to use jca 1.5 for message delivery.

          We could also use a connector for inter-jboss ejb calls using the tx import functionality, to make our tx manager into a dtm.

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            David Jencks Master

            I've checked in the server side functionality I've written. I think it's everything except deployment. There are a couple of tests of Work interface and MessageEndpoint.

            Also I didn't write the jaxm message endpoints yet because I haven't figured out if and where we can get a jaxm implementation to use (I don't understand the Sun license, it looks to me like it may forbid any and all use). Implementation is basically a trivial subclassing of BaseMessageEndpoint.

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              Norman Gyhra Newbie

              Hello David!

              Thanks for your reply.

              I am currently testing the J2EE Connector Architecure for its suitability in our projects. As JCA 1.5 isn't far away anymore, it would be more interesting of course to take it as basis for my research. Moreover, many sources seem to consider JCA 1.0 as "flawed", promising significant improvements for 1.5.

              To begin with, I need an application server that supports the preliminary standard. I have already contacted most major application server vendors, but none of them could give me specific plans for JCA 1.5 support. BEA seem to have suitable extensions, but they haven't given me any information yet whether these are compliant with the current draft.

              1.5-compliant adapters are another problem. The websites of most vendors state that asynchronous messaging is supported in their products. No word about JCA 1.5 though.
              Seems there is still information to be gathered...

              Unfortunately, I cannot offer you any help at the moment. I have just started reading into the matter, therefore my understanding of JCA internals is still very limited. I haven't even implemented a "Hello World" yet...