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    Proper transaction configuration

    Tony Piazza Newbie

      Can anyone tell me how to properly configure transaction settings for my beans? I have the following beans:

      QueryBuilderBean (stateless session bean)
      ReportBean (stateless session bean)
      RequestBean (entity bean w/BMP)
      RequestProcessor (message-driven bean)

      My understanding is that the deployment descriptors should be used to do this. I only want transactions used when any of my beans call the setter methods of the RequestBean. It seems like the default settings are for the container to use transactions for every method call. I tried changing the assembly-descriptor within the ejb-jar.xml file but that did not seem to make a significant difference. I am wondering if I need to add settings for each bean that uses the entity bean to specify whether transactions should be used.

      I would appreciate any help you can give me on this.