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    2 jar in 1 rar

    Pate Newbie

      I have a problem! I try to have two .jar fles into my .rar file, see example.
      - my_client.jar
      - my_server.jar

      When I have all classes in one .jar file, it works fine. But when I split the classes into two .jar files, the classes in my_server.jar cannot access classes in my_client.jar even if they are public and in same package.
      Will each jar file have there own classloader or what?
      Is it possible to do something in the my-service.xml file, to have this working?

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          David Jencks Master

          Basically what you are trying should work.

          What jboss version?
          Are there any classes in both jars? (this will make it not work)
          Are the classes in the 2 jars in the same package? (this should be ok, but might indicate where the problem is).

          Can you supply a simple test demonstrating this?

          If you don't have duplicated classes please file a bug report with as much info as you can.

          david jencks

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            Ashwath Akirekadu Newbie

            I still see this problem in JBoss v3.2.1

            Please give me some clues if anybody knows the fix.

            Thanks !