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    JCA 1.5 question

    Laurent Etiemble Expert


      I have seen a few weeks ago that David Jencks has begun the implementation of JCA 1.5 on CVS HEAD.
      Is it possible now to deploy a JCA 1.5 connector on the CVS version ?
      I have quickly read the code and see some sources related to JCA 1.5 (WorkManager, EndPoint, and so on) but the RARMetaData doesn't seem to be ready to parse a JCA 1.5 descriptor.

      Any informations or precisions ?


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          David Jencks Master

          I think you could make an adapter work by writing an mbean to deploy it by hand or by constructing an xmbean configuration for the ResourceAdapter instance (and a few other things). I don't have an adapter to test it with, and I kind of ran out of time to write the deployment stuff.

          Do you have an adapter? Is it more or less available? With a little encouragement I might be able to finish the deployment part soon.