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    Writing/running my own JCA-Adapter using JBoss

    Herbert Newbie

      I like to write my own JCA Adapter (with TCP/IP connection to a EIS) and run this JCA
      Adapter with JBoss.
      My Questions:
      -Has anybody already implemented and run his own JCA Adapter using JBoss (sample)?
      -How to set up the JBoss configuration files (META-INF) for myAdapter?
      -Is there a Sample Implementation-Page how to develop a JCA Adapter using JBOSS (step by step)?

      Thanks for your help.

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          David Jencks Master

          jboss works with all the jca spec compliant adapters I have heard of being tried. It's a little easier to write for than say weblogic if you don't mind not-quite-spec compliant (you don't have to make your ManagedConnectionFactory usable when it is deserialized).

          There are no usable guides I know of. Look at the 2 jdbc wrappers in jboss (connector/src/main/org/jboss/resource/adapter/jdbc/...), the (incomplete) jini adapter that is in the patch tracker, and for a real example the firebird database jca-jdbc driver (at the firebird sourceforge project under client-java).