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    SIP protocol support in JBOSS?

    Naushad Jahan Newbie


      This is may be a trivial question. As far as I know, a j2ee servers understands
      protocols like HTTP, IIOP, RMI etc. Is there any way you can customize a JBOSS
      server so that it can understands a new protocol e.g. SIP. What I am trying to
      say that is there any way you can develop an application (SIP client/server) in a
      JBOSS server using underlying SIP protocol. For performance reason it is not
      suitable to add an extra layer of CORBA between SIP client and server. What
      are the alternatives in this situation?
      I do not know much about JCA, I read somewheere through it a J2EE server can communicate with an external server?
      Does this JCA allows peer-to-peer type connection?

      Thank you in advance.


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          David Jencks Master

          What exactly are you planning to do with SIP? Why SIP rather than say http?

          jca 1.0 allows an app in jboss to do work on other systems such as dbs, ERP systems, etc.

          jca 1.5 (about 80% implemented in jboss 4) allows other systems to do work on jboss. You can use this to write an invoker.

          If your goal is to do work on jboss via SIP probably writing an invoker is the easiest way right now. I think mostly you just plug in a new transport mechanism.

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            Naushad Jahan Newbie

            Thanks you David for your answer.

            Probably you know SIP is a session based signaling protocol over IP in a 3G backbone network defined by 3GPP and IETF. The idea is to use J2EE as SIP application server. The SIP applications, real-time applications for advance call control, are written in JAVA using SIP Servlet API defined by JCP. SIP Servlets are like HTTP Servlet but designed to work with SIP. So question is, how a SIP Servlet container can be built in a J2EE server like JBOSS so that it can communicate using SIP. Also some part of the logic of a SIP application may be built using HTTP Servlet and EJB. So we need a server which supports SIP Servlet, HTTP Servlet and EJB and some interworking among different APIs..

            When JBOSS will have full support of JCA 1.5?

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              Urbar Newbie

              I am also trying to figure out if SIP Servlet API could be integrated to JBOSS or if there is already such a plugin. As you know SIP is becoming a standard for IP based signaling and IP based multimedia applications.

              Any help would be appreciated