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    OS excel adapter

    Jelle van Wieringen Newbie

      The following is posted on www.theserverside.com. Please check the news thread for more information or visit the otemba site at sourceforge. Otemba uses the same licence as its platform JBoss.

      Otemba is a new open source product that provides a JCA 1.0 compliant resource adapter for MS Excel, and eventually other MS Office products.

      Check out http://sourceforge.net/projects/otemba.

      More info
      Microsoft Excel? dominates on front office trading systems whilst JBoss? leads in the open source application server for both internets and intranets.

      Otemba is a new open source project that aims to combine both worlds by transparently wrapping Excel in a JCA 1.0 compliant resource adapter. JBoss's support of JCA 1.0 together with it's highly transparent microkernel architecture makes it the ideal platform for implementing the Excel adapter. The result is that Excel acquires the connection-, transaction- and security management of JBoss.

      If successful, Otemba plans to produce adapters for all Microsoft Office? products.