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    embedd another ORB in a JCA with JBOSS

    sebastien Newbie

      Hello !
      I'm currently migrating an existing CORBA server to a JCA to interface with an app server running JBOSS.
      [FYI I'm using a connector to be able to have 2 JVMs (one for the JCA, one for JBOSS) in a large deployment configuration, and to be able to have them in a single JVM in a case of a win32 development.]

      When I deploy the JCA into JBOSS, my legacy application is launched which initialize the ORB, binds to the NaS my CORBA servants, initialize NoS, and finally call the ORBManager.runORB() which is a ... blocking call.
      the consequence is that I cannot even shutdown JBOSS.

      So I'm wondering if I'm doing it the right way. Is this a bad design ? Is there a way to access the JBOSS internal ORB from a JCA deployed into JBOSS (as far as I've seen in the doc, no) ?

      Thank you for help.