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    JCA 1.5 resource adaptor in development

    Neil Bartlett Newbie


      I'm currently collaborating with the openadaptor project (www.openadaptor.org) and I'm starting work on developing a JCA 1.5 resource adaptor for use with that project. I've done a few 1.0 adaptors and they work okay with JBoss.

      I understand that some 1.5 support is already in the CVS for JBoss 4? It doesn't look like any of the commercial J2EE servers support 1.5 yet anyway.

      I'll let you know my progress.


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          David Jencks Master

          I think I implemented all the needed interfaces, but I haven't written the deployment code yet. Also my stuff is for the first public draft, I haven't had a chance to look into the latest draft yet.

          I think you can deploy your adapter by writing a simple mbean to create the needed objects and hook them up with the appropriate stuff in jboss. There are a couple of tests that do something like this. Ask if you need more help with this.

          The deployment system I hope to write will work by combining the ra.xml with a jboss deployment descriptor using an xsl script whose output is some mbean configurations (a *-service.xml file, essentially) that will then get deployed by the mbean deployment mechanism (SARDeployer).