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    Default web app and two domain names

    Per Steffensen Newbie


      I have two domain names (www.a.com and www.b.com) pointing to my webserver (they point to the same IP address). On my server I have downloaded and installed jboss_3.0.3_tomcat_4.1.12.zip.

      I can install new applications by copying them to server/default/deploy library. When I do so the copyed application will automaticly get deployed under the same name as the name of the copyed library. That is: If I copy library "abc.war" to server/default/deploy I will be able to reach it with www.a.com/abc and www.b.com/abc.

      But I dont want my application deployed under the name abc. I want it as my default web application - that is, I want to be able to reach it with www.a.com.
      How do I make a default application in JBoss (with embedded Tomcat)?

      After this is done Im not quit satisfied. I want different default applications for www.a.com and www.b.com. That is - I want www.a.com to reach one web application and www.b.com to reach another web application. How do I do that in JBoss (with embedded Tomcat)?

      Is JBoss (with embeddet Tomcat) enough, or do I need e.g. Aapache to do theese things?

      Thanx and Kind Regards - Per Steffensen