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    JCA/JBDC Resource Adapters and usage of ManagedConnections

    Jeff Bannister Newbie


      We have an application that is exhibiting perculiar behaviour when it comes to usage of connections to an Oracle9i database. On discussion with our DBA I am left confused and wondering the following:-

      1) Is a managed connection used within a transaction effectively locked until that transacton has either committed or rolled back i.e. Can anyone else use the same connection to Oracle (Managed connection) whilst it's in use. I think 'not' but when looking at the transaction logs on Oracle we see SQL statements executed in different transactions being run on the same Oracle session with no commit between them i.e. The work done on two different transaction appears to interfere with each other!


      SLSB---->Entity Bean--->JBoss--->ManagedConnection-->Oracle

      If all the methods have transaction attribute 'Required', is this ManageConnection exclusively mine whilst my transaction is running? i.e. This managed connection not available to another transaction until it is back in the pool.