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    Incomplete Deployment listing - MSSQL database connection

    Chew Hock Ping Newbie

      I'm new in jboss. when I try to make a connection to mssql db, I always get an error:

      18:07:37,468 ERROR [URLDeploymentScanner] MBeanException: Exception in MBean ope
      ration 'checkIncompleteDeployments()'
      Cause: Incomplete Deployment listing:
      Packages waiting for a deployer:

      Incompletely deployed packages:

      MBeans waiting for classes:

      MBeans waiting for other MBeans:
      [ObjectName: jboss.jca:service=LocalTxCM,name=MSSQLDS
      state: CONFIGURED
      I Depend On: jboss.jca:service=LocalTxDS,name=MSSQLDS

      Depends On Me: , ObjectName: jboss.jca:service=LocalTxDS,name=MSSQLDS
      state: CONFIGURED
      I Depend On: jboss.jca:service=RARDeployment,name=JBoss LocalTransaction JDBC


      Depends On Me: jboss.jca:service=LocalTxCM,name=MSSQLDS

      Below is my configuration file:

      <depends optional-attribute-name="ManagedConnectionFactoryName">
      <!--embedded mbean-->


      <config-property name="ConnectionURL" type="java.lang.String">jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://localhost:1433;DatabaseName=MyDatabase</config-property>
      <config-property name="DriverClass" type="java.lang.String">com.microsoft.jdbc.sqlserver.SQLServerDriver</config-property>
      <!--set these only if you want only default logins, not through JAAS-->
      <config-property name="UserName" type="java.lang.String">sa</config-property>
      <config-property name="Password" type="java.lang.String"></config-property>

      <!--Below here are advanced properties -->
      <depends optional-attribute-name="OldRarDeployment">jboss.jca:service=RARDeployment,name=JBoss LocalTransaction JDBC Wrapper

      I understand that this is not a new question but I spend 2 days in looking around the forum, unfortunately, no similar question. Hope that some one may help me.....

      thanks a lot.