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    JCA 1.5  Txn inflow oversight?

    Mike Sample Newbie

      Pardon - this post is not very JBoss-specific but it
      may be food for thought for the JBoss JCA

      Does anyone else feel that JCA 1.5's transaction inflow
      is missing a state that allows the Resoure Adapter
      provider to decide whether or *NOT* the operation is
      performed within a transaction? If you look at Table 2
      in section 12.5, the state which allows 'source
      managed' (RA) transactions also requires the container
      to start a new transaction when no source managed txn
      is provided. Wouldn't you want a mode to allow the
      Resource Adapater to decide when there was and when
      there wasn't a txn? This would make it very general
      purpose, middleware-agnostic way to 'speak' to the app

      I'm sure there's a work-around (explicit suspend in the
      MDB?) but why require that? Perhaps I'm missing
      something or the JCA was driven by JMS requirements
      which didn't include this feature.